Submission Information

Submissions for the 2019 Brilliance Awards are now closed.

For 2019 the Brilliance Awards we are introducing three *new categories.

Category Descriptions

  • Small/Medium/Large Scale Commercial is generally qualified as buildings which have an industrial or commercial intent.

    • Large Scale: 50,000 square feet or more

    • Medium Scale: 30,000-50,000 square feet

    • Small Scale: 30,000 square feet or less

  • Residential Category is for projects which are solely for residential usage. There can also be part of the project for entertainment as many higher end residences are, however the majority purpose of the project must be living space.

  • The Exterior Category includes both exterior facade and landscape only projects. A submitted design can be for one of these two types of lighting or both. The criteria has been designed to score each equivalently.

  • The Custom Luminaire category is returning for 2019. It's intent is to judge and award the creativity of a custom luminaire design for project needs.

  • The Hospital category includes projects focused on Restaurants, Hotel, and Retail, or any other space that receives and entertains guests.

  • The Energy Efficiency sub-category is applicable to all projects. It is an "additional entry" that any project can also enter at no additional cost. There is no judging criteria for the category, and it will allow the designer to describe how it excels in this area, and what guidelines it adheres to. You should only be entering in this category if the project is very good in terms of energy efficient design.

For more information on the submittal process, guidelines, and rules - Please see our submission guidelines below.

The Brilliance Awards will begin accepting entries in the first quarter of 2019. However based on submissions; we reserve freedom to not distribute awards in any category if deemed appropriate.

Submission Guidelines


  • There are eight categories and one sub category (energy efficiency) for awards for 2019.

  • To Submit a project visit Project Submission Page here.

  • The intent of the Brilliance Awards is to recognize great lighting design happening in the Rocky Mountain region. Designers submitting projects should have done the majority of the design on the project while residing local to the region. The board reserves the right to exclude projects that don't follow this ideology.

  • Submission dates and prices are as follows:

    • $40, Early bird submissions, 4/1/19 - 4/30/19

    • $60, Standard submissions, 5/1 - 6/14

    • $150, Late submission, 6/15 - 6/28

    • No submissions accepted after 6/28, no exceptions.

  • Projects must have been completed within the last 3 calendar years (any project completed since January 2016 is eligible).

  • Projects which have been previously submitted to the Brilliance Awards can be resubmitted if they fit within the time frame and did not win an award the year they were submitted.

  • Award submittals will be handled through an online form.

  • Each project is submitted as a series of pictures and narratives.

    • Up to 10 pictures can be submitted per project, each with text.

    • It is not necessary to upload the maximum of 10 photographs.

    • There is a 500 word limit to each photograph accompanying texts. This allows long descriptions if only a few photos are uploaded such that all criteria can be addressed. However it is not necessary to be wordy in descriptions if other photographs and text address the point.

    • The text descriptions should cumulatively address all scoring criteria. No one text box needs to address any certain amount of criteria, it is simply recommended that all criteria be addressed at some point in the project submission.

  • The Brilliance Awards non-profit is not required to grant awards for categories, the board does so based on judging scores, feedback, and maintains the right to grant awards based on lighting design excellence.

    • Categories in general can receive a design of honor, or design of merit. While the Brilliance Awards judging committee generally will not give more than one of honor and one to two of merit, these numbers are not set in stone, and final awards are given out based on projects submitted and judged scores.

  • The Brilliance Awards Board has the final say in all matters regarding award granting and judging.

  • Lastly, to receive awards a representative from the designing firm must be present at the award ceremony.

Please email with any additional questions.

Photograph Uploads

For project images it is good practice to utilize JPEG compression format and keep file sizes 1 MB. Please try to adhere to this. Uploading 10MB photographs is unnecessary and may crash your web browser when trying to submit, making the process difficult. All entries will receive a submission plaque of a project image, so please avoid submitting images that are too low in quality.

Sample Project

We are including a sample project that has a description, project background, and scoring sheet all included. It outlines different narratives and how each point in the scoring sheet was addressed, and project images We highly recommend reading through this.

At the end of this document is a note on photography. In short - we do allow HDR photography to better mimic the human eye, however with modern dSLR cameras sometimes that is not required. We do discourage the use of fill-light or heavily altered photos. We want the judges to see the beauty of the project, not an artificial re-creation of what the project could have looked like, and we appreciate respect in regards to this.

View Sample Project